Larva Games

Joining us now to play for free Larva games! After the success achieved by Larva animated film, many related funny games were born with images of the larvae in the film. Surely you would be familiar with two mischievous Yellow larva (a deflated expert) and Red larva (an expert wises words but always having bad luck).And if you are a fan of this funny movie or simply want to play an attractive entertaining game then you should not ignore Larva games. In Larva games you will meet again these two adorable larvae who live in the sewer system in the city of New York. But suddenly one day there is a dark force threatens their life, the main reason is the favorite sausage of larvae were stolen by enemy for seeking new energy sources. Walk and eat the failing pieces of sausage to defend attack of enemies. Eating pieces of sausage will also help you recharge. Not only 2 cute larvae, you also get acquainted with new friends under the drainage system of the city such as the black beetle, larvae ninja, snails… You can choose Red and Yellow larvae and summon hero friends to interact in Larva games. There will be many kinds of enemies invading the home, so you have to wipe out all of them. Once the character dies and the mission fails, you will have to jump with the special skills, but to use them you have to collect gold coins. The cartoon characters in Larva games are extremely eye-catching. Besides, the game provides absolutely super colorful and cute animation graphics along with realistic sound mode…all will definitely bring satisfaction to players. Larva games is a simple game with increasing difficulty degree but very funny will make gamers hardly stop from their battles. Enjoy moments of relaxation after hours of study and work with Larva games! All the games are free and being updated daily at our site. Wish you fun gaming!

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