How to get Hero Souls in Clicker Heroes

How to get Hero Souls in Clicker Heroes

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This can be a tutorial on how one can get hero souls in Clicker Heroes and how one can ascend for the primary time (I’ve already mounted so your recreation might look a bit different). Thanks for watching


So you have begun taking part in Clicker Heroes, however, aren’t sure what is going on? That is what this web page is for! Now we have TONS of methods right here that can assist you to beat the sport!

Beginning Out

Your first focus must be on leveling up your heroes and unlocking new ones.

Take a look at the price of every hero degree and the DPS (Harm Per Second) improve to determine which heroes are the very best worth. In case your progress looks like it is slowing down, come again later — the sport retains going even whenever you’re not taking part in, so you will have tons extra money to spend on upgrading your heroes.

Don’t fret about anything on this web page till you recruit Frostleaf… you will find out about it quickly sufficient!

Your First Ascension

1. Ought to I ascend?

Sure, you undoubtedly ought to! Just wait till you’re prepared. While you ascend, you’ll earn Hero Souls that may make every little thing go a lot quicker, and you’ll purchase new issues like Ancients and get extra Gilded Heroes! Believe us; you are not making it to degree 1000 (or past!) without ascending a bunch of instances.

2. When ought to I climb for the primary time?

Though you may ascend as quickly as you unlock Amenhotep’s Ascension capacity, WAIT! It is best to attain not less than Zone 100 earlier than you climb for the primary time. Attain Zone 100-140, then degree up your decrease degree heroes that you have not touched in a while. In your first ascension, it is best to intention to get not less than 5-7 souls from hero ranges, which means it is best to intention for 10,000-14,000 hero ranges earlier than you ascend.

Three. What ought to I do after I ascend?

When you ascend, your focus ought to shift from leveling your heroes and utilizing your talents to gaining numerous Hero Souls as rapidly as doable. You may additionally discover that Frostleaf’s DPS shouldn’t be efficient after degree 100, and Dread Knight could seem impossibly far-off. Happily, the DPS of your different heroes DPS multiplies by 4x every 25 ranges, and by 10x and Hero Stage 1,000! Leveling heroes like Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany, Samurai, and Seer will enable you to farm Hero Souls effectively till you’re able to transition to a few of the later heroes. See the Gilded Heroes part for more information.

Hero Souls

1. What are Hero Souls and the way do I get them?

Every Hero Soul will increase your DPS by 10%. In case you have 10 of them, that may DOUBLE the entire injury you deal! It will make your subsequent ascension a lot quicker.

This Hero Soul injury improves additive, not multiplicative. What does that imply? It implies that you probably have 100 Hero Souls, getting yet another Hero Soul will not grow your DPS by 10% of your present DPS. It’s going to improve your DPS by 10% of your unique DPS, earlier than the any of your different Hero Souls are taken into consideration. Happily, you may spend your Hero Souls on Ancients and various issues that may improve your DPS even additional! Maintain studying.

While you ascend, you obtain 1 Hero Soul for each 2,000 mixed Hero ranges (for instance, you probably have Cid at degree 1,000 and Treebeast at degree 1,000, you’re going to get 1 Hero Soul from these two heroes).

You can even receive Hero Souls by beating Primal Bosses after Zone Stage 100 (NOTE: You’ll not obtain these Hero Souls till your subsequent run after you ascend). As soon as you discover Mercenaries, you can even earn Hero Souls by having them full quests for you.

2. What are Primal Bosses?

These are particular bosses that happen after Zone 100. Every boss has a 25% probability of being a Primal Boss (this may be elevated by shopping for Atman, Historical of Souls). Primal Bosses may have a magical aura around them; their title will likely be in purple and start with “Primal.” Defeating them will provide you with Hero Souls, which will probably be added to your complete souls after you ascend.

Greater degree Primal Bosses give extra souls. You can even get much more souls per Primal Boss by shopping for Solomon, the Historical of Knowledge.

There’s a 25% probability of them spawning, however that does not imply each 4th boss will likely be Primal (you may go 100+ ranges with out a primal); improve your possibilities by shopping for Atman, the Historical of Souls. When you kill a Primal Boss, it should return to its regular model, which will not provide you with anymore Hero Souls. You’ve new possibilities to see Primal Bosses every time you ascend.

If you cannot kill a Primal Boss in time, don’t be concerned! It will not flip again into a standard boss. Simply return to the earlier degree to earn extra gold and hero ranges earlier than making an attempt once more.

Each 100 ranges, you’re assured to get a Primal Boss. These particular bosses are known as Centurion Bosses. Till degree 1000, these bosses have particular graphics and will provide you with an achievement the primary time that you simply beat them. Beginning with the extent 1100 Centurion Boss, they will not have particular graphics anymore, however they’re nonetheless assured to provide you Hero Souls whenever you defeat them.


Ancients are one of many first issues that you’re going to wish to spend your Hero Souls on. Which of them you need will rely on your playstyle. Do not buy a Historical that does not mean slot in along with your technique!

1. When ought to I purchase my first Historical?

After you ascend for the primary time, have a look at the Ancients that you’ve obtainable. If there’s an excellent Historical available, purchase it. If there’s not, you may re-roll a few times, however no more than that. Keep in mind; you are decreasing your DPS to purchase these Ancients. At all times be sure you have Hero Souls left over after shopping for Ancients!

2. How a lot do Ancients price?

Your first Historical will price 1 Hero Soul. Your second prices 2, your third prices four, and so on. Every Historical will rate twice what your final one price to amass. This makes it significantly better to reroll than to purchase a Historical that you will not use! Should you are buying a bunch of dangerous Ancients, or wish to change your playstyle, you may click on on the “Respec” button to take away your whole Ancients and get again 75% of the Hero Souls that you’ve spent on them.

Every Historical has a special price to the degree, and a few Ancients have most ranges.

Three. Which Ancients are the very best?

If you wish to play an extra “idle” playstyle, the two finest ancients are Libertas, Historical of Freedom and Siyalatas, Historical of Abandon. After that, Atman and Solomon are excellent for rising your Primal Soul achieve in every run. Upon getting these, the opposite nice ancients are Mammon, Mimzee, and Dora. Lastly, Kumawakamaru will enable you to as your races get longer and longer, and Argaiv is valued shopping for as you reach extra Gilds in your heroes. Different Ancients value contemplating are Dogcog, Fortuna, Bubos, Chronos, Chrysos, Iris, Vaagur, and Morgulis.

Gilded Heroes

You may obtain your first Gilded Hero whenever you beat degree 100 for the primary time. After that, you’ll receive one other Gilded Hero every ten ranges (however solely the prime time that you merely beat it). Gilded Heroes get a 50% injury bonus for every Gild that they’ve.  You possibly can see which Gilded heroes you could have by clicking the “Gilded” button on the backside of the Hero Listing.

1. What’s Re-Gilding?

Gilds will initially be given to a random hero. Nonetheless, you may “give” a Gild from a hero to a different random hero by spending 2 Hero Souls, or you may pay 80 Hero souls to provide a selected hero a Gild from one other random hero.

2. Ought to I Re-Gild My Heroes?

Usually talking, you need your Gilds on the heroes that you merely use most. At first, you shouldn’t re-Gild your heroes in any respect.

Upon getting reached degree 200, the best Heroes to have gilded are Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany, Samurai, and Forest Seer. Spend 2 Hero Souls to de-Gild the heroes that you’re not utilizing, and hope that considered one of these “Energy 5” heroes would get the gild.

When you attain degree 500, you can begin shifting your whole Gilds to the Masked Samurai. Use the 80 Hero Soul re-Gild on Masked Samurai. Guarantee that your DPS is rising as you do that, and keep in mind to maintain some Hero Souls saved whereas re-Gilding.

As soon as you get Samurai to Hero Stage 2500 in a short time, re-Gild from Samurai to Atlas suddenly. You possibly can go away a Gild on Samurai to make it a bit faster to achieve Atlas, for you.

After you may attain 1500 on Atlas without slowing down, transfer your whole Gilds on the similar time from Atlas to Terra. Do that once more as soon as you may attain 1500 on Terra without slowing down, and so forth by the remaining Heroes.


1. What’s Transcending?

Transcending is sort of like ascending. However, you lose extra and in change obtain Historical Souls and Transcendent Energy. Historical Souls may be spent on “Outsiders,” which energy up your Ancients by rising passive bonuses, lowering Historical prices, or increasing Transcendent energy. Ultimately, you’ll shift your focus from incomes Hero Souls as rapidly as doable to salaries Historical Souls as quickly as feasible.

2. When ought to I Transcend?

It isn’t a nasty thought to transcend as quickly because it turns into obtainable to you. However first, get to the top of your present run, ascend, after which instantly Transcend. Nonetheless, if you happen to actually near your “Subsequent AS” on the Transcend tab, you would possibly wish to get to that, earlier than ascending and Transcending. You could want to save your recreation too – now’s a perfect time to do it!

Three. Assist! I Transcended, and now my progress is mainly sluggish!

The primary time that you merely transcend it should look like you went all the best way again to sq. One. Historical Souls and Transcendent Energy will not velocity up your progress till after you ascend once more. In case you have some Rubies saved up for a Fast Ascension, you should purchase one from the store to avoid wasting your self fairly a little bit of time. One other factor to think about is spending your Rubies for the 2x injury increase within the Ruby retailer. Most advantages that you only earn will not assist velocity up your first ascension cycle after Transcending. Nevertheless, this one will, and it is everlasting.

Three. How ought to I spend my Historical Souls?

The original Ancients you wish to purchase are Xyliqil and Ponyboy. You want to have 6 Historical Souls in Xyliqil and 24 in Ponyboy at 30 AS. When you attain 31 AS, begin investing in Chor’goloth and Phandoryss as an alternative. You will not wish to start investing in Borb till you hit your Max Transcendent Primal Reward for the primary time after defeating a boss (you will have 100 AS or so).

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