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  • 2018-12-26
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Poor little Luke has some breathing problems lately and she needs you like his nose doctor to treat him. First, you will have to enlarge his nostrils so you can see better. Use a pair of scissors to gently cut the hair locks inside his nose that are blocking your view. He has some cists in his nose that are preventing him from breathing correctly and you can extract them with a syringe. With a big cotton ball wipe the blood that is flowing from his nose and with a smaller one which you can handle with a pair of tweezers remove the fluid mucus. Finally, you can use a special gun type like instrument to destroy the bacteria inside the nostrils that could cause other problems and diseases in the future. Now Luke will finally breathe more easily thanks to you. Good luck playing Luke Nose Doctor! Luke is a brave sweet kid but terrified of doctors. He caught a nasty cold and his nose got swollen and full with infection. Take him to your doctor and show him that he has no reason to be afraid. Be the doctor assistant to make him feel save by working gently. cut the hair nose with the scissor to have better visibility while you clean up the nose bleeding, then give him anesthesia to numb the pain and start removing the bacteria and the snot with the other nose tools. Good luck!

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